What is it?

You need a PDF from an URL? That's it! You tell us the URL and we give ou the PDF.

How to use?

Make an request to http://pdf4devs.com/pdf sending a JSON with the url and the pageSize (A3, A4, A5 etc.) that you we'll create the PDF and return it to you.



If the process result in an error, we'll return it too. Validation errors too. These are the possible responses:

{"status":"ERROR","code":"0001","description":"URL is not valid."}

{"status":"ERROR","code":"0002","description":"Page size not accepted."}

{"status":"ERROR","code":"0003","description":"Could not create a PDF from the url http://google.com.br"}


If you're seeing this, everything is OK. But you can make a GET request to http://pdf4devs.com/status and we'll return a JSON like this {"status":"OK"} OR like this {"status":"ERROR"}.


$ curl -XPOST -H'Content-type:application/json' http://pdf4devs.com/pdf -d'{"url":"http://google.com", "pageSize":"A4"}' > google.pdf

Get in touch

E-mail me at eduardo@quagliato.me